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Equity Survey



Good Afternoon Sisters & Brothers


My name is Christine Maclin and I am the Unifor Equity Coordinator visiting all of the locals to discuss the demographics at our local unions. I am planning a trip to Alberta sometime early in the new year to meet up with local leadership to discuss the following: If meeting up is not an option we can do it either through email or telephone.

The National Union is conducting an Equity Survey and trying to get an accurate picture of how many members we represent from Equity Seeking groups and their involvement in the governance structures of our union. These structures include Committees, Union Stewards, Bargaining Committees, Executive Boards and any other involvement within our union.  We are asking each local to do a review to see how many of our members would identify with ANY or ALL of the equity groups listed below in each unit. Please breakdown Full time & Part time Workforce, also include the total number of members both equity and non-equity in all lists. We are not guessing and we are not asking people. We will only have information on the members who have identified themselves to us thus far. If you have union publications we are asking if you could encourage our members to be a part of the demographic survey. This is for all members ( Equity seeking & Non-equity seeking). These are the links English French


Equity Seeking Groups

1.    Aboriginal/ Indigenous

2.    Workers of Colour/Racialized Workers

3.    LGBT - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender

4.    Women

5.    Workers with Disabilities ( Visible/ Non Visible)

6.    Young Workers (Under 35 years of age)

Thank you for your support with this very important task


Christine Maclin

Unifor Equity Coordinator

Cellphone # 416-402-8045

Work Phone # 416-718-8463