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Notice of Special Meeting and other Updates


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Notice of Special Meeting – June 18:

Please join us for a Special Meeting on June 18, 6:30pm @ St Mary’s High School to discuss the following:

  1. Layoff and Recall

    1. We will discuss the layoff and recall process. If you have current concerns, please contact your Area Rep before the meeting.
  2. Approval of Expenses Over $3,000
    1. Our bylaws mandate that expenses greater than $3,000 be presented to and approved by members. Please plan on attending to be involved in your Union.

Updates (June 2019)

Retirement Banquet:

On June 11, we hosted our annual retirement banquet. The Event was well attended and viewed as a great success by attendees. Congratulations to all our retiring members.

President’s Survey:

Please see the link below for the first “President’s Survey”. As promised, I hope to encourage more feedback, so the elected representatives and I have a clearer picture of member’s wants and needs.

Request for Site Reps:

Are you the go to person at your work? Sign up to be a Site Rep at the link below. If you are currently a Site Rep, please fill out the survey too. We are looking for a dedicated representative at each school to ensure your location is represented and informed. The time commitment is small, and you can make a big difference in how our Local Union functions. Please sign up using the following Google Form:


Want to be more involved in the Union? Please consider signing up for a committee. We see familiar faces on our committees and invite new members get involved. The time commitment depends on your availability and gives you a great chance to be involved and to get a better idea of how our Local runs. Please reach out to anyone on the Executive Committee if you have questions.


Please take a moment to check out our website. We improved its layout and accessibility. If you have any difficulties or have suggestions, please reach out to any Union Representative.

Non-District Communications:

Reminder: please don’t use your district email or phones to conduct union-related business. Always use a personal email or phone and contact your Union representative at their Union email address. (see the website for contact information). As such, we are compiling a list of members’ personal contact information for communication through non-district methods. Your information will be used solely for union business.

Please use the following Google Form to add your contact information to our records:

Economic Policy Committee Survey:

In anticipation of our next round of contract negotiations. Our Economic Policy Committee is working hard to prepare. The committee has prepared a survey to help understand member wants and needs for the upcoming negotiations. Please fill out the following survey. If you require a physical copy of the survey, please contact a member of the Executive team or pick one up at the special meeting on June 18.